Portuguese Footwear? “Yes, we like it very much”


Australians, Irish, Americans or Asians. Buyers from the most varied corners of the world was what the Minister of Economy found in Milan.

Australians, Irish, Americans or Asians. Buyers from the most varied corners of the world was what the Minister of Economy found in the various stands where he spent in his visit to the 97 Portuguese exhibitors present at the Milan shoe fair, Micam. And everyone heard compliments to the quality of the shoes made in Portugal. "Yes, we like it very much," said Eureka's Irish client, who spared no compliments to the Portuguese ruler: "Hello, I heard so much about you!" Caldeira Cabral visited the fair at the start of the first day of the event, but did not find exhibitors standing still. In all, I wanted to know where the customers came from and to know a little more about the history of each brand. In the end, he praised the "determination of entrepreneurs" as well as the role of the footwear technology center and industry association, APICCAPS, which managed to make a "good example" of an industry that many people believed Be condemned at the beginning of the century.

"It is the quality of our products and their competitiveness that has convinced more and more foreigners to buy Portuguese goods," said the minister at the Exceed stand, a brand of Fábrica de Calçado Dura, when questioned by a journalist, upon seeing him appreciate A pair of shoes, if I would buy them. "Buy and recommend to all foreigners who buy," said Cabral Cabral. The Felgueiras company, which was founded in 1964 and is already in the third generation, employs 120 workers and invoiced six million euros last year, exports 90% of its production, especially to central Europe, as The Netherlands, France and Germany.

At All Hour Zen, the Green Hemisphere's comfort footwear brand, the minister learned that this company, only two and a half years old, is investing heavily in the production of personalized shoes through a foot-scan image. "This is very industry 4.0," praised Caldeira Cabral.

At Pinto di Blu, in Costa, Costa Oliveira, in Santa Maria da Feira, the minister met the Australian distributor of the company and heard from David Almeida a shout praised the Strategic Plan of the Footwear Industry, developed by APICCAPS in partnership with the Catholic University . "It's a fabulous document, it's a shame that not all companies work the way it should," said David Almeida. With five million euros of billing, Costa, Costa Oliveira exports 99% of its production, with special emphasis on European markets. But for three years he has bet on new geographies, such as Australia, which already accounts for 10% of its sales. "It is one of the few countries where our footwear is valued and recognized as being of quality," explained the businessman.

Taken aback by the visit of the minister was Fátima Lopes, who never tired of justifying the disarray of the stand with the commitment to sell. And that did not miss the opportunity to take a selfie with Caldeira Cabral, having the journalists for 'background'. Customers were not lacking. "We have just closed a sale to Turkey and we have buyers here from Brussels and the United States. For the first hours of the day is very good, "stressed the stylist. His agent in India and Chicago also wanted to be photographed with the minister.

Source: Dinheiro Vivo