Footwear. The success story of an industry with a single voice


Portuguese footwear has presented a consecutive increase in the value of exports in the last seven years. We spoke with Paulo Gonçalves, communication director of APICCAPS, to realize this case of success.

Figures presented this month by the Portuguese Association of Footwear, Components, Leather Goods and their Substitutes (APPICAPS) show that the Portuguese footwear industry has never been so healthy, after having registered a new historical high of export. For the seventh consecutive year, there was an increase in sales of Portuguese footwear abroad, reaching in 2016 the 81 million pairs exported, worth 1923 million euros.

Portuguese footwear is today a modern and dynamic industry, accustomed to compete directly with big companies at an international level. It can be said that it grew from the outside to the inside. She is always attentive to the signs of the demand and constantly on her toes to stay one step ahead of the competition. Last week in Milan, APICCAPS announced that footwear would receive 49 million euros to gamble on modernization as part of the Government Industry 4.0 program.

In parallel with the growth in sales volume, one of the main challenges in the sector continues to be the increase in the value added of footwear. In other words, going from manufacturing of shoes sold to third party brands to a group of strong brands in a high segment of the market - in the footsteps of designers like Luís Onofre. Even so, the average value of the export price has grown 24% in the last seven years and is, according to APICCAPS, the second highest in Europe (after Italy).