Newalk helps to develop new finishes for footwear

Thermo chromic materials and workmanship for application in fluorescent shoes were the latest developments of the project.

The Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal (CTCP), with laboratories in the city of S. João da Madeira, one of the main areas in industrial sector, has created a range of chemicals that allow the material to change color with the heat or stay with fluorescent UV light incidence.

"Footwear´s sector is a sign of hope," said Governor of the Bank of Portugal

Carlos Costa, who was speaking at the opening of  2 Conference of Central Balance Sheet of the Bank of Portugal in Aveiro, recalled that the footwear sector has a sector with no future, 30 years ago, to "one of the cornerstones of successful sectors Portuguese exports".

"When you look at the evolution of value added per worker, for the development of exports, to the evolution of market shares and value creation in the sector, we find that is a success story," said the governor of BdP.

Footwear industry wants to "double or triple" exports to South Africa and Mozambique

Speaking to Agência Lusa at the end of the mission, the source of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Footwear (APICCAPS) - who promoted the initiative - stressed that "there has been a great concern of the industry to find a number of new markets that allow grow in the coming years. "

"Although the Portuguese footwear industry exports 95% of its production to 132 countries on five continents, the truth is that the performance of the sector is very dependent on what happens in the European market, which accounts for almost 90% of our exports "he said.

Footwear industry promotes this year 'the biggest offensive ever "in China

According to the Portuguese Association of Footwear Manufacturers, Components and Leather Goods and Their Substitutes (APICCAPS), in April, 12 Portuguese companies will be present in Shanghai and Micam in July, several companies will participate in Novomania, " a sort of young fashion fair in China. "

As noted, it is estimated that currently about 5% of the Chinese population have a high purchasing power, which in practice means "65 million potential consumers of upper range or luxury."